"Eponymous Laws Part I: Laws of the Internet"

Some clever and some I had not heard before. Three examples:

Shaker’s Law of Departure – “Those who egregiously announce their imminent departure from an Internet discussion forum almost never actually leave.”

Shank’s Law – “There is no idea so batshit insane that you can’t find at least one PhD scientist to support it.”

John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory – Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad

And one I had and still like:

Brandolini’s Law - "The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it."

I can recommend, "Eponymous Laws Part 3: Miscellaneous," too.

"Pew: Most prolific Twitter users tend to be Democrats, but majority of users still rarely tweet"

Well worth keeping in mind: ". . . the most active 10% of users produced 92% of all tweets by U.S. adults."

Combined with the fact that about 14% of U.S. adults are "monetizable daily active Twitter users" (37 million divided by 258 million), we find that all the infamous Twitter mobs comprise about 10% of 14% of the U.S. adults.