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"Maddog's Lair"

You might want to check it out:

The point of this blog is to watch, and analyze the death of the progressive model using the lens of classical liberalism. . . .

Maddog is trained as a pipe fitter, welder, a paper maker, wilderness medical technician, equipment operator, historian, and attorney with specialty in administrative, appellate, construction, medical, and workers' compensation.

And that doesn't consider the awesome list of activities and accomplishments of Maddog's wife.

(Full disclosure: Maddog has been reading the Door for a while and has linked to, and commented on, entries here.)


Two recent blog posts that made a big splash . . .

. . . decisively refuted: "Eight Toxic Foods: A Little Chemical Education" and "Pandora Paid Over $1,300 for 1 Million Plays, Not $16.89".

(The post at the first link attacks an article whose' premise is that we shouldn't be eating foods banned in Europe. Two additional points: 1) science shouldn't be conducted just by majority vote and 2) why should we believe the Europeans are right? Their regulators permitted pregnant women to take thalidomide. And France gets about 75% of its electricity from nuclear power--are they right about that, too? Why don't "consumer advocates" want to follow them on that?)