"Johnny Carson TV - Live 24/7 Channel"

I recently discovered that I can watch Johnny Carson, free, around the clock. Sure, he had a some slow spots, but on average, his show was better than almost everything that's on now.

This is part of Shout Factory TV where you can also watch old Carol Burnett shows--not my taste, but lots of people loved her--the Marx Brothers TV collection, the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and much more.

"Life’s Work: An Interview with Jerry Seinfeld"

Interesting short Harvard Business Review interview of Jerry Seinfeld. This is especially good:

You and Larry David wrote Seinfeld together, without a traditional writers’ room, and burnout was one reason you stopped. Was there a more sustainable way to do it? Could McKinsey or someone have helped you find a better model?

Who’s McKinsey?

It’s a consulting firm.

Are they funny?


Then I don’t need them. If you’re efficient, you’re doing it the wrong way.