"Volleyball Rising: A look-at-us sport in a look-at-me world"

This I did not know:

These schools attract astonishing crowds for a “minor” sport. Six of the top 10 national draws hail from the Big Ten, with Wisconsin bringing in nearly 7,000 per match and Minnesota 5,300. For the last six years, however, the national attendance leader has been a school most known for football — Nebraska. The Cornhuskers draw over 8,200 fans per match and have sold out their arena for 268 consecutive regular-season contests. The sport is “revenue-generating” for the school’s athletic department — a designation that is unheard of for women’s sports and applicable most places only to football and men’s basketball.


For greatest in a team sport, there really isn't much of an argument. Bill Russell's teams played for a championship 16 times. Russell's team won 14. (One of the other two times he was injured. The remaining time he lost to Wilt, Hal Greer, and Billy C.) And by the testimony of his teammates, above anyone else, he was the most valuable player on nearly all  of those championship teams.