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"What's REALLY going on when you wake up in the night and sense a monstrous presence in the bedroom . . ."

Excerpt from The Science of Weird Shit by Chris French & Richard Wiseman:

We can learn so much about the human mind by investigating what lies behind experiences that appear to be paranormal. Factors like attention, perception and memory can all play a part.

What I've also found is that you can almost always uncover a logical explanation for things that appear to be paranormal.

"Is Global Climate Policy Working?"

Roger Pielke, Jr.:

Emissions alone do not offer a useful guide to climate policy evaluation on an annual basis because they are a consequence of factors other than climate policies. . .  .

Since 2015, annual global decarbonization rates have actually slowed down. What ever else climate policies may be doing — and they are doing a lot of things — since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, accelerating the rate of global decarbonization is not among those things.