"Do Your Fingers Reveal If You're Lucky? Why a Scientist Thinks His Own Study Is BS."

This is a better piece than the title makes it sound. Professor of Physiology reviews all the allegedly statistically significant associations between the ratio of the length of your index finger to the length of your ring finger and "health, personality, musical ability, and even . . . sexual orientation". Tentatively concludes that most, if not all, the associations are garbage.

"Einstein and why the block universe is a mistake"

"The present has a special status for us humans – our past seems to no longer exists, and our future is yet to come into existence. But according to how physicists and philosophers interpret Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the present isn’t at all special. The past and the future are just as real as the present - they all coexist and you could, theoretically, travel to them. But, argues Dean Buonomano, this interpretation of Einstein’s theory might have more to do with the way our brains evolved to think of time in a similar way to space, than with the nature of time."