"'A Gigantic Clusterf**k': How Morgan Stanley Avoided $10BN In Archegos Losses By Selling First"

Interesting. And halfway through the piece I thought to myself this is just like how the very enjoyable movie, Margin Call, unfolded. And lo and behold, the author made the same point. (Except in the movie Kevin Spacey claimed that the nobody would ever do business again with the Morgan Stanley-like firm again. Ha!)

"Be first, be smarter, or cheat" indeed.

"Coloring Outside the Lines"

How misleading counting by race is getting to be.

Ten percent of all married people now have a partner of a different race or ethnicity, he finds; likewise, more than 10 percent of babies born in the United States have mixed parentage. Fully 80 percent of those polyglot children have one non-Hispanic white parent. Yet official Census data categorize those children as minorities even when they identify as white.