Two outlooks for the future

I haven't linked to any of "this is what the future will now be like" pieces because I think they tend to be wild guesses that will merely look funny five or ten years from now. But here are two I found interesting. The first, by Paul Kedrosky, I like because he expects that in the short run not much will change. That comports with my understanding of history: even for the occasional "revolution" in human affairs there is a lot more continuity than is usually discussed.

The other, by "Epsilon Theory," has a grim warning which I feel is entirely appropriate, but holds out a hope of a good outcome, which I also feel is appropriate.

"Highlights of the News"

A fine collection of pointed comments from Don Surber. Example:

$6 billion unreported?

This smacks of money laundering, and I wonder how much of the money went to buy Democrat congressmen and presidents.

Lori Loughlin went to prison for a half-million bribe.

At that half-million bribe rate, 12,000 administrators, professors, and bribers ought to be in prison. We are going to need a bigger Super-Max.

Oh, and now you know why Democrats were so adamantly opposed to Betsy DeVos heading the education bureaucracy. Their gravy train is being stopped.