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"Superlinear Returns"

Paul Graham:

One of the most important things I didn't understand about the world when I was a child is the degree to which the returns for performance are superlinear.

Teachers and coaches implicitly told us the returns were linear. "You get out," I heard a thousand times, "what you put in." They meant well, but this is rarely true. If your product is only half as good as your competitor's, you don't get half as many customers. You get no customers, and you go out of business.

"17 Thoughts About Money"

Some fine thoughts. Samples:

5. True money contentment comes from accepting people dumber than you will be richer than you.

8. Most problems that can be solved using money aren’t real problems. (Very similar to the formulation of my late former colleague, Ed Erickson: If you have a problem that can be solved by money and if you have money, then you don't have a problem.")

16. People who act like they have it all figured out are usually full of shit.

"The Female Happiness Paradox"

First sentence of the abstract of a seemingly ungated NBER working paper:

Using data across countries and over time we show that women are unhappier than men in unhappiness and negative affect equations, irrespective of the measure used – anxiety, depression, fearfulness, sadness, loneliness, anger – and they have more days with bad mental health and more restless sleep.

Link via Instapundit who quips, "Obviously we're not feminisming hard enough."