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"5 Best Places To Live In America, Ranked"

Raleigh is #2

Related: "Revealed: The 50 best places to live in the US". Raleigh is #4. "The US cities with the best quality of life in 2024, ranked". Raleigh is #13. (Note that with an exception or two, the cities ranked higher have colder, snowier winters.) "Best-Performing Cities--Large Cities". Raleigh is #2. And "Best cities for first-time homebuyers". Raleigh is #1.

"The reality of the Danish fairytale"I

It's not quite the nirvana that some Liberals suppose it to be.

But if you’re used to being able to easily select your own doctor, and expect treatment in a few weeks at most, not months, you’d probably be in for a surprise as a consumer of the Danish healthcare system. Everything is run with an eye on the economics, even if the bill isn’t sent to the patient.

Perhaps the most shocking example of this to me was the maternity ward in Copenhagen’s prestige hospital, where new mothers are customarily discharged a mere four hours after delivery.

That is to say that care is heavily rationed. 

"What We Learned in 2023 About Gen Z’s Mental Health Crisis"

"The main line of our work so far can be summarized like this: We have shown that there is an adolescent mental health crisis and it was caused primarily by the rapid rewiring of childhood in the early 2010s, from play-based to phone-based. It hit many countries at the same time and it is hitting boys as well as girls, although with substantial gender differences."