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"Concrete Built The Modern World. Now It’s Destroying It."

Some things I didn't know about concrete:

Concrete is now the second-most consumed substance on Earth behind only water. Thirty-three billion tons of it are used each year, making it by far the most abundant human-made material in history. To make all that, we now devour around 4 billion tons of cement each year — more than in the entire first half of the 20th century, and over a billion tons more than the food we eat annually. 

"Which is the most successful country in Africa?"

I've read some about Botswana and it's a remarkable story.

At independence, Botswana was the poorest country in Africa. The drought-stricken nation surrounded by the Kalahari Desert contained 5 kilometers of roads and one high school. Its GDP-per-capita stood at $1000 and half of the government’s budget was supplied by Britain.