New book, free for four more days

A reader of this humble blog, Reuben Moore, has written a book on the real estate business, The Competent Broker: Seeking Competence and Integrity in the Real Estate Business. A Kindle eBook version is free through Thursday using this link. The book's intended audiences are as follows:

People who are thinking about entering the market either as buyers or sellers or both. First time buyers or sellers. Or, perhaps you have had a less-than-ideal experience in the past. And now, you are seeking a better experience.

People thinking about getting a real estate license, or newly-minted brokers just finding your way. Hopefully you will read this work along side of more conventional material. And you can judge the probity of this work for yourself.

Disaffected brokers, who see the business clearly. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the status quo and are seeking a better way. I hope you will find this work candid and refreshing. 

Reuben is the Broker-in-Charge of Brick and Garden Real Estate, providing real estate services in the Greater Raleigh NC area. Their very nice website is here.

"Why shouldn't I move to Portland (Oregon)?"

The current highest-rated answer as I write is by Rochelle MacDonald, "Born and raised in Portland." It is probably intended to be no more than half serious. But even if it's that, I'm never going. Sample:

  • Your dog has more rights than you do.
  • So do your chickens.
  • What do you mean you don’t have chickens? You have to have chickens when you live in Portland.