"Millennial and Gen Z Holocaust survey spells doom for our democracy"

Quite a sad finding, but Kyle Smith adds some good laughs to it.

You’ll notice that the pollsters almost always ask the American people opinion questions — are you feeling like more of a donkey or an elephant these days? — to which there are no wrong answers. Because when they ask questions to which there are wrong answers, boy, do they get a lot of them.


"The truth about the Detroit 1967 Riot"

A reasonable argument that I hadn't seen before.

The passage of four decades allows some perspective. And there is ample evidence that however dramatic and dreadful, the riot was not the sole turning point for Detroit.

Even without a riot, there is much evidence that Detroit still would be pretty much the city it is today — still yoked to the troubled auto industry, still fighting economic decline, still shrinking, still struggling valiantly to remake itself, still achieving some successes amid the fires, shootings and poverty that are ubiquitous in 21st-Century American cities.