"The Myth of ‘Long COVID’"

Michael Fumento with another of his pieces that are "almost as irrefutable as they are controversial" (Supposedly, the NY Times Book Review.) In this piece he argues that "long COVID" is probably disguised clinical depression. Here's part of the circumstantial evidence he cites:

Despite admonishments ad nauseam that “COVID doesn’t discriminate by age,” acute COVID patients are overwhelmingly elderly: the CDC indicates Americans 65-74 are six times more likely to be hospitalized and an amazing 95 times more likely to die than those age 18-29. Italian data show mean mortality at 80. Yet “long COVID” patients are overwhelmingly middle-aged, with the largest University College decile at 40-49 and the August Pragmatic Observations in Research study having a median age of 53. As to gender, acute COVID diagnoses are about the same male/female but severe cases measured as admittance to ICUs or deaths are overwhelmingly male. Yet, the University College “long-haulers” are about 80% female; the Pragmatic study 72%. The aforementioned advocacy group study found only 17% to be male.