"Stop pretending you don’t love Thanksgiving--You get to tell your whole family that they’re fascists"

Pitch-perfect satire.

At this moment I notice that Cody doesn’t appear to be listening. White cis-gendered males never listen, but nevertheless, I persist.

‘They don’t want you to know the truth, Cody, but your aunt Lauren does. She wants you to shed your privilege and to stop raping people. . . .

‘Although, if your grandparents continue to eat beef and drive fossil fuel burning cars, you’re going to be dead in 10 years anyway. Climate change is real, Cody and it’s going to murder you.

‘Anyway, I’m sorry, Cody. I’m sorry this family, except me, failed you.

‘And while Papa’s chat with the imaginary guy in the sky involved lots of thank yous for lots of things, make no mistake — every thank you was for the privilege of being white.’

Suddenly Cody pipes up and says that isn’t what Thanksgiving is about. ‘But Aunt Lauren, I thought Thanksgiving was about being grateful, like I am grateful for you!’

I’m literally shaking.

Is this five-year-old mansplaining to me?