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Food tip: (not very) hot sauces

Over the last nearly seven years I have been trying to follow what almost all dietary advice boils down to: eat more vegetables. It hasn't been easy as I was a lifetime vegetable avoider. But I've also paid attention to the noted chef--whose name I've forgotten--who claimed, "Show me somebody who doesn't like vegetables and I'll show you somebody who hasn't had them prepared well." Prepared well, in turn, seems to depend on one or more of three things: spices, heat (roasting), or serving them with a bit of fat (butter, cheese, olive oil) or sauce. 

So allow me to recommend two sauces. Both are probably characterized as medium hot. One, which I've just discovered, is Mendez Hot Sauce. There's a fine review here. Unfortunately Amazon lists it as "currently unavailable". I hope this is just a virus-related supply disruption. A tablespoon of it makes a serving of broccoli fun.

Second, Goya Yellow Hot Pepper Paste, which Amazon says as I write this is in stock. Good for vegetables and also very good on chicken. And if you buy it you help support Goya Foods which was (is still?) subject to a boycott by some dopey Liberals.

"Pizza Topping Markup Calculator"

"Centives decided to take a look at the mark-up on the toppings for a pizza. This isn’t an easy thing to do since it’s not clear how much of a topping is actually on a pizza. However pizza joints such as Dominos do publish nutritional information for their pizzas. Using the amount of calories in a topping Centives estimated how much of that topping was on the pizza. We then figured out how much it would cost you to buy the same topping and just put it on top of a basic cheese Pizza yourself."