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"Curcumin Will Waste Your Time"

You hear a lot about the wonderful effects of dietary curcumin (found in turmeric). But a problem--one common to other highly touted dietary aids--is summarized in one word: bioavailability.

But here's the full text of a medical journal article which claims progress is being made in increasing curcumin's bioavailablity.

Here's the Linus Pauling Institute's curcumin  summary

"A psychologist explains how Trader Joe's gets you to spend more money"

Well, the psychologist doesn't explain my shopping at TJ's.  I don't do a lot of shopping there, mainly their takehome salads and a few frozen items. And there are two reasons why I buy them: 1) they are not available--not even close--anywhere else that I know about, and 2) the salads, in a change from the practice of many stores and restaurants, give you enough salad dressing.