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"They Shall Not Grow Old a box office blowout – for good reason"

My family and I saw this movie recently. One the one hand the subject matter is somewhere between profoundly discouraging and horrific. On the other hand it's like nothing I've seen before and I'll probably not ever see anything like it again and it is extremely well made, even beautiful in spots. I read that it was released too late for this year's Oscars, but I think it would be a big upset if it didn't win next year.

Two more reviews: "They Shall Not Grow Old Is the Movie of the Year" and "They Shall Not Grow Old (3D)". 

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"A Valediction"

John Podhoretz states what he's learned after 40 years of reviewing movies. This is just perfect:

The question I’ve been asked the most across the decades—besides “What’s your favorite movie?” to which the only correct answer is The Godfather, and that goes for you too and everyone else alive, because if you answer it differently you’re wrong . . .