"A modest proposal regarding college admissions"

Frederick Hess:

Given all this, here’s a modest proposal: Maybe elite colleges should put their money where their mouth is when they pontificate about the need to democratize opportunity, take a page out of the K-12 charter school book, and switch to lottery admissions.

It'll never happen, but might be fun to raise the next time some dopey college official raises the "democratize opportunity" assertion.

"Democrats’ disgraceful war on schools that actually teach poor, minority children"

"Charter schools are by far the most successful innovation in public education of the last half-century — notably, the first to regularly offer first-rate schooling to lower-income, urban black and Hispanic families. Yet the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress (and in state legislatures such as New York’s) are looking to strangle them."

"The rights and wrongs of Nikole Hannah-Jones"

Dominic Green presents one hellacious put down of Ms. Hannah-Jones. Here's now it begins:

Congratulations to Nikole Hannah-Jones for parlaying the intellectual imposture of the 1619 Project into a job for life. Hannah-Jones has been hired by Howard University as a professor in Race & Journalism. Both of these fields are rife with dubious standards and historic embarrassments, so she should fit right in.

"How Can Professors Inspire Students to Want to Learn?"

Martin Center review of Super Courses: The Future of Teaching and Learning.

Princeton Univ. Press offers this summary:

Visiting schools across the United States as well as in China and Singapore, Bain, working with his longtime collaborator, Marsha Marshall Bain, uncovers super courses throughout the humanities and sciences. At the University of Virginia, undergrads contemplate the big questions that drove Tolstoy—by working with juveniles at a maximum-security correctional facility. Harvard physics students learn about the universe not through lectures but from their peers in a class where even reading is a social event. And students at a Dallas high school use dance to develop growth mindsets—and many of them go on to top colleges, including Juilliard. Bain defines these as super courses because they all use powerful researched-based elements to build a “natural critical learning environment” that fosters intrinsic motivation, self-directed learning, and self-reflective reasoning.

Color me skeptical.