"Kids are using this new strategy to get into top colleges during COVID"

Color me completely unsurprised. Yet another dopey Liberal idea that won't work and will probably be counterproductive.

But the sudden disappearance of a pillar of the college admissions equation is having unexpected consequences — making the application process more confusing, more competitive and more opaque than ever before.

"EXCLUSIVE: NCSU mandatory diversity training includes 'whitesplaining,' toxic masculinity' and 'hate speech' lessons"

My former employer is making news. Link via Instapundit, three of whose commenters reflect my feelings:

So glad I’m retired. This bullshit is just ridiculous. Worse than ridiculous. It’s stupid.

It seems to me that the message of mandatory diversity training is "shut up and stick to your own kind". I mean, you can avoid "whitesplaining" by not talking to blacks, "toxic masculinity" by avoiding women in the workplace, and "hate speech" by keeping to yourself. Nobody wants to be offensive, right?!

Out: Wolfpack
In: Wusspack


"College Professors Are Dragging Their Worst Students, And It's Brutally Honest And Hilarious"

I had a few weak students, but I guess I was lucky--I didn't have any like these.

"A student came in with a research paper bibliography that listed 'my mom' as a source several times."

. . .

"A student came to my office a week after the final and asked me why she had failed the course. She hadn’t turned in a single assignment — or written the final."