"Incentivizing Quality Education: UNC System Proposes New Funding Strategy"

What they don't seem to understand is what will happen to the definition of "quality". Wanna bet it gets grossly distorted from what is contemplated in the "new funding strategy"?

The new appropriations formula will be multiplying the change in performance-weighted student credit hours by the appropriation per credit hour (which is based on national data). Performance‐weighted student credit hours will be calculated for the institutions based on the individual goals for each institution as approved by the BOG. 

"What’s normal at Harvard, but weird at other colleges?"

Quora readers discuss. Part of the top answer (at the time of posting this):

You enter Harvard after having graduated at the top or very near the top of your high school class. You were probably one of the all-around, good students, socially active, involved in your local community. You were probably named “Most Likely To Succeed” or something equally pithy. Academically and in general, you were near the top of the pyramid: the 98th percentile or higher. You got amazing scores on the SATs. You won awards for this or that during graduation.

Then you get to Harvard, and you’re average. If you’re lucky. Everybody else is so much smarter than you. You take the required reading test that everybody takes during Freshman Week, and you’re certain you did fine. Oops, no you didn’t do fine. Nobody did fine, everybody is required to take remedial reading and expository writing. I am completely serious. In my class, we read “Lolita” and what that has to do with expository writing escapes me to this day.

"Publication, Publication"

This a terrific piece by Harvard professor Gary King advising students how to properly replicate a published paper. Everything is here: if students follow the advice, they will have a fine chance of getting published.

Trying to replicate a published paper is, I think, a fine--albeit demanding for both student and professor--exercise for a graduate econometrics class. (Prof. King apparently also assigns this to undergraduates as well, but he teaches at . . . Harvard.)

UPDATE: Link fixed now.