"Make School Hard Again: Grade inflation needs to stop."

Amen to this. (I'm glad I'm retired from college teaching.)

The corrupt undergraduate admissions process at most schools today can flourish because the higher branches of the American academic tree are so good. But the lower branches are rotten with grade inflation and social promotion. The move away from an emphasis on genuine academic achievement and meritocratic promotion has done a disservice to the least well-off while offering more opportunities for the rich and connected to buy the trappings of success for their offspring.

"The College Bureaucracy That Never Shrinks"

This is great:

All of which raises two questions: If Kilkenny’s nearly 40 years of diversity efforts have failed to put Georgetown’s equity challenges to rest, why is she being promoted? And second: What possible equity challenges remain? After four decades of attention, if Georgetown has still not smoked out all its allegedly racist faculty who fail to treat minority students equally; if it continues to admit rapists; and if students of color, females, and gays still face constricted opportunities, perhaps the university should shut down.

"Why Students Are Fleeing the Humanities"

Causality is not necessarily established, but the correlation is at least . . . interesting: "Most of the academic disciplines in decline are also more heavily skewed toward the political left."

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