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"20 Years to Disaster"

"The United States has about 20 years for corrective action after which no amount of future tax increases or spending cuts could avoid the government defaulting on its debt."


There's No Easy Way Out of This Debt Spiral.

What it would cost to stabilize the soaring national debt.

Underlying US Budget Gap Doubled in Latest Year. (Shows the sources of this increase.)

The Real Scandal in Washington Is the Government's Reckless Spending.

"Weekly Market Pulse: Dark Matter"

Joseph Calhoun of Alhambra Investments tacitly supports Milton Friedman:

I am constantly amazed that economists who consider themselves staunch capitalists, believe that, given sufficient information, they could do what they firmly believe socialists and communists cannot. Namely, to shape the economy through policy, fiscal and/or monetary, to produce a better outcome than the market left to its own devices.