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"Economist [Magazine]: Progressives Are Ruining Liberalism"

The article in The Economist is gated, so it's nice that we have this summary. Here's how it starts:

A San Francisco social justice warrior has very little in common with a New York City cop. Yet they are both voting Democrat. They both wrap themselves in the flag of 'liberalism' but the social authoritarians who dominate the fringe arm of liberalism - progressives - are actually ruining it . . .


"Weimar? It's Us"

I don't know--as I've written before, macroeconomics is difficult--but I think this ends badly.

Of course, Modern Monetary Theory is not modern at all. It has been tried by desperate governments for several centuries, and arguably back to ancient times. Just ask residents of the Weimar Republic, Argentina, Zimbabwe and Venezuela, to name only a few of the most famous instances, how Modern Monetary Theory worked out for them.

"What We Have Here Is Failure to Educate"

Piece about tragic educational malpractice. (The reference in the fine title is to Cool Hand Luke.)

But there's plenty--plenty, I tell you--of such malpractice in the schools these days. See, for instance, the following:

Should Public Schools be Allowed to Deceive Parents?

By getting rid of grades and honor rolls, NYC’s education department will hurt the kids it claims to want to help

Main Line Madness: Schools in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, adopt critical pedagogy—and face a parental backlash.

The New Plan: Washington, D.C.’s top prep schools implement “antiracism” curricula in lockstep.

New York’s Private Schools Tackle White Privilege. It Has Not Been Easy.

Why math education has suffered.

But parents are starting to seek alternatives:

A Deserved 'Moment of Truth' for Public Schools as a Record Number of Parents Opt Out.

American Homeschooling Goes Boom.

Homeschooling Is Surging Across America. Homeschoolers Told Us Why.

Homeschool Interest In Texas Jumps 5 Fold From 2020 Record.