Current Affairs

"Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates Victory Over Billionaire Bezos"

Rush, in his own inimitable fashion, criticizes the latest from AOC.

John Hinderaker, commenting on same, is also blunt: "How Dumb is Ocasio-Cortez?"

Even Cher gets it: "Cher Splashes Cold Water on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Celebrity Cult".

And while some folks are celebrating the "gain" of $3 billion perhaps they should look into the much more concrete waste of nearly $1 billion: "Believe It Or Not, The Amazon Pullout Wasn’t Even The Worst Economic News For NY Dems This Week".

"Lessons From the Past"

Thomas Sowell with his usual evisceration of minimum wage laws.

Seventy-one years ago this month — in January 1948 — a black, 17-year-old high school dropout left home. The last grade he had completed was the 9th grade. He had no skills, little experience, and not a lot of maturity. Yet he was able to find jobs to support himself, to a far greater extent than someone similar can find jobs today.

I know because I was that black 17-year-old. And, decades later, I did research on economic conditions back then.