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"Making Life Worse: The Flaws of Green Mandates"

What a surprise: the demand for lowering CO2 emissions turns out to be . . . downward-sloping:

These results reflect climate scientist Roger Pielke’s 2010 notion of “the iron law of climate policy.” Pielke noted that support for reducing greenhouse emissions is limited by the amount of sacrifice demanded. “People will pay some amount for climate goals,” he noted, “but only so much.” At $80 a year per household, he suggested, polls found most people would support climate measures but raise it to $770 annually and support drops below ten percent.

"America's Top Cities Swamped In Debt, Chicago Leads The Way "

To ask the question is virtually to answer it:

Which leaves us with the question of the day: Will the Federal Reserve bailout heavily indebted cities in the next crisis?

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