"The Electric Obamaphone"

Auto enthusiast Eric Peters comes down very hard, not for the first time, on Tesla and electric cars generally

If it is, then electric cars aren’t “zero” emissions. Not if they’re driven, at any rate. In order to move, they consume electrical power generated by the burning of natural gas and oil and coal — which produces plenty of carbon dioxide “emissions.”

But the fatuity of the “zero emissions” fatwa doesn’t change its power — the distortionary effect it is having on the car industry generally — which is being forced to build lots of electric cars to “achieve compliance.”

Cars for which there is no market.

Or rather, cars for which there aren’t buyers.

"Used luxury or fully-loaded new car? Edmunds weighs both"

Brief review of the pros and cons of each choice. This claim was interesting to me:

The luxury vehicle of your dreams might now be something you can afford, thanks to a record high number of lease returns hitting the used-car market. This trend has widened the price difference between a new vehicle and a 3-year-old used one, according to Edmunds transaction data.