"Are Technology Stocks Headed For a Fall?"

This is worth paying attention to:

Platforms attract competition from other platforms. A “Clash of the Titans” is inevitable when technology heavyweights compete with one another. Microsoft, Google, and IBM (IBM) are trying to overtake Amazon in cloud computing. Multiple competitors are seeking to challenge Shopify Inc.'s (SHOP) lead in merchant services. Disney (DIS) and a variety of media companies are trying to erode Netflix’s (NFLX) lead in video streaming.

"The Crystal Ball of Antitrust Regulators Is Cracked"

Ain't this the truth.

But history provides us with some much-needed perspective on how fast things can change in the modern tech economy.

Rewind the clock 15 years, to 2005, and try to remember what you did when you wanted to rent a movie. Chances are that you would drive to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to get a physical DVD, or even a VHS tape. Today, that ritual seems antiquated and, in the midst of our current lockdown, even a bit dangerous. Yet, millions of people did it every week.