"Should America Be Run by … Trader Joe’s?"

Freakonomics podcast (with transcript). Whenever I visit I sure notice the upbeat employees they mention. I assume this is one reason why:

It employs a lot of real, live people — and pays them above the industry standard: as of 2013, full-time Trader Joe’s “crew members” made about $50,000 a year while “captains” made more than $100,000, also with better-than-average benefits.

Link courtesy of my older daughter.

"Welcome to the Golden Age of Grocery Shopping"

But . . . but in the majority of U.S. metro areas, the four-firm concentration ratio for grocery retailing is in the dangerous oligopoly range. But . . . but we've been warned for 50+ years about how U.S. grocery retailing was going to be dominated by a very small number of firms with the resulting enormous prices and restricted choice. 

New York Magazine, how can this be??