"Competition Can’t Be Perfect"
"Take a look at how the number of federal regulations and policies governing research at universities has dramatically increased . . ."

"TSMC’s debacle in the American desert"

Even leaving aside the cultural problems which TSMC's management should have been better prepared for--anyone who's been through an MBA program recently probably has had instruction in the importance of corporate culture--the inadequate preparation for the language barrier seems remarkably inept
But these problems might be understood as consequences of Newmark's Third Law: if you see a business practice that's very difficult to understand or just plain weird, always ask: is there a government law or regulation or incentive involved? The article alludes to this in just one sentence: "The remaining American workers began speculating that the company only hired them to secure CHIPS Act funding . . ." Indirectly, the article refers to the geopolitical reasons why TSMC built in Arizona. It sounds to me that without those pressures TSMC would never have built in the U.S. And  that Mr. Chang was pessimistic about the U.S. factory supports the idea that TSMC basically had its arm twisted.
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