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January 2024

"No One’s Name Was Changed at Ellis Island"

Contrary to The Godfather, Part 2: "Many names did get changed as immigrants settled into their new American lives, but those changes were made several years after arrival and were done by choice of someone in the family. The belief persists, however, that the changes were done at the entry point and that the immigrants were unwilling participants in the modifications."

"San Francisco Tried to Build a $1.7 Million Toilet. It’s Still Not Done."

Two interesting things:

  1. Apparently the project got delayed because of taxpayer outrage: "The toilet project broke down the minute taxpayers realized the city was planning an event to celebrate $1.7 million in state funds that local politicians had secured for the lone 150-square-foot structure. That’s enough to purchase a single-family home in San Francisco — with multiple bathrooms."
  2. Publicity-seeking private donors have stepped up to fund the toilet, but even their efforts have been greatly delayed.