"How Teachers Unions Co-Opted School Boards"
"How is air traffic controller not automated by now?"

"The Truth about College Costs"

Certainly not emphasized in the mainstream media.

The top 100 private schools enroll around 500,000 students, while the remaining 2,600 four-year schools enroll about 10.5 million students. For the latter group of schools, market tuition, excluding room and board, is about $15,000 a year. If we add $10,000 for room and board (more in cities, a little less in small towns), we can see that 96% of American college students pay $25,000 annually for tuition and housing. Right now, with some variation here and there, that is what a four-year college degree costs.

This simple fact is nearly invisible, however, because college prices are distorted by a system that deliberately lists tuition levels much higher than what students pay. 

Cost isn't the only widespread misperception: except for about 100 "top" schools, acceptance rates are probably far higher than people suspect. See AcceptanceRate.com or "College Acceptance Rates for 150 Popular U.S. Schools" for details.