"Rivers run 24/7, so why don't we set up generators on all major rivers to power everything? The rivers would generate so much energy."
"Why Are So Many Guys Obsessed With Master and Commander?"

"The English Major Has a Marketing Problem"

The author makes a good try, but, sorry, I don't buy it.

I’m not rich. I don’t drive a nice beamer like my homegirl who studied Engineering does. But I’ve made a solid living using the skills I honed as an English major. And I’m not alone. 

Because while, yes, many English majors go on to become writers, professors, journalists, or players in the world of film and television, just as many end up in adjacent, less-creative fields that pay well, like marketing, public relations, management, law, nonprofits, and even tech. 

One reason is the skills he supposedly acquired are, I think, the exceptions rather than the rule. (For instance, at my former employer and I believe many other colleges and universities English professors now try like crazy to avoid teaching composition skills.) And two, I think he misses how the major has changed. See, for example, "The Humanities: Another Example Of Leftism Ruining Everything It Touches". For another example, see "Who Killed English Literature?"