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In-depth look at a problem with public defenders that seems unique to San Francisco.

In the midst of a colossal addiction crisis, with hundreds of cartel-backed drug dealers openly selling meth, fentanyl, heroin and cocaine on downtown San Francisco streets 24 hours a day, the city’s Public Defender is trying to make it impossible for San Francisco police officers to arrest people for drug sales. Last March, in a motion to the San Francisco Superior Court, on behalf of one of their alleged drug dealing clients, the Public Defender accused SFPD Sergeant Daniel Solorzano, who is himself of Mexican and Nicaraguan heritage and whose first language is Spanish, of racism against Latinos. Their evidence: he arrested 53 suspects over a two-year period for drug dealing, all of whom were Latino, while declining to arrest 43 other people who were otherwise implicated in drug transactions, all but two of whom were non-Latino.