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"Mama doesn’t always know best."

Mike Pompeo tweets, "Parents should get to decide what their children are taught, not the government or teachers unions."

A high school teacher responds in part: "Do parents have a say in their kid's surgery. Do they tell the dentist what to do? Do they stand with their mechanic and guide them through a repair?"

I object to the high school teacher's point on two grounds. One, I think the overwhelming majority of parents don't want to dictate teaching. They do object to propagandizing unrelated to teaching. If the surgeon or the dentist or the mechanic was propagandizing they would also object.

But two, the more important reason, is that for the surgeon or the dentist or the mechanic, people have choice. If I don't like my dentist--for any reason--I can find another one. Schooling in most places is different: if I don't like the local public school, I probably have to pay again for a private alternative or simply shut up and take what's offered. To the extent public schools offer parents no choice makes them far different from other professions.