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May 2022

"Teaching about Free Markets Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated"

I'm not sure teaching economics in high school is the answer. I always preferred to teach intro econ to students who had earned a paycheck and got a glance at the net being less than the gross. (The motivation to learn why was, I found, quite powerful.) I think freshman or sophomore year in college, for those students who attend, is probably ideal. But then, of course, students could avoid taking economics much more easily than if it were required in high school.

And I'm not sure students need a full 15 weeks. I felt I could do a lot in 8 weeks or even 6 weeks. But, needless to say, I feel some basic economics would benefit almost everyone. And I agree with the headline of this piece that it doesn't have to be complicated.

"Seven Deadly Economic Sins: A Review"

Book review:

Seven Deadly Economic Sins is a must read for the general public, policymakers, and students of economics who wish to gain an understanding, at a philosophical level, of the economic fallacies that continue to circulate in common thought and among certain policymakers, along with a convincing rebuttal of each, placed in the context of why getting it right matters for human progress.