"Medical dogma is that people with heart failure need to adhere to a low salt diet."
"Pulse as a biometric measure of wellbeing"

"An "F" for America's Government Schools"

Includes this interesting tidbit:

In 1885, the following math question was on the admissions test for eighth-grade students applying to Jersey City High School: “Find the sum and difference of 3x - 4ay + 7cd - 4xy + 16, and 10ay - 3x - 8xy + 7cd - 13.”[11] By contrast, here is a sample question from the 1998 Ohio ninth-grade mathematics proficiency test: “About how long is a new, standard-sized pencil? (A) 7 inches, (B) 7 pounds, (C) 7 yards, or (D) 7 ounces.”[12]