"The Tragedy of Portland: ‘It’s a Ghost Town, Except for Zombies’"
"I am leaving New York City for Florida. I never thought I would"

"What I told the students of Princeton"

Abigail Shirer gave a brave and beautiful talk:

The question I get most often—the thing that most interviewers want to know, even when they’re pretending to care about more high-minded things—is:  What’s it like to be so hated?  I can only assume that’s what some of you rubberneckers want to know as well:  What’s it like to be on a GLAAD black list? What’s it like to have top ACLU lawyers come out in favor of banning your book? What’s it like to have prestigious institutions disavow you as an alum? What’s it like to lose the favor of the fancy people who once claimed you as their own?