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December 2021

"Microsoft’s Nadella, Google’s Pichai, and now Twitter’s Agrawal: Why Indian-born leaders dominate American tech’s top ranks"

Vivek Wadhwa:

There is no doubt that education gave the Indians an advantage. But this does not explain why the boards of companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Twitter would choose foreign-born technologists over equally qualified Americans. The answer may lie in cultural values, upbringing, and struggles. 

"What I told the students of Princeton"

Abigail Shirer gave a brave and beautiful talk:

The question I get most often—the thing that most interviewers want to know, even when they’re pretending to care about more high-minded things—is:  What’s it like to be so hated?  I can only assume that’s what some of you rubberneckers want to know as well:  What’s it like to be on a GLAAD black list? What’s it like to have top ACLU lawyers come out in favor of banning your book? What’s it like to have prestigious institutions disavow you as an alum? What’s it like to lose the favor of the fancy people who once claimed you as their own?

"The Tragedy of Portland: ‘It’s a Ghost Town, Except for Zombies’"

A brutally clear depiction of a city in ruins.

It is the simmering resentment that comes from knowing that you can work hard, play by the rules, and still be crushed by forces beyond your control. It is the inversion of right and wrong, where criminals are treated with sympathy and victims are portrayed as villains, where sidewalks stretching for blocks are simply ceded to rows of homeless tents.

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit writes, "Portland morphed into Detroit so slowly, I hardly even noticed."