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November 2021

"NY Times: Why are Democrats such incredible hypocrites?"

Two New York Times reporters ask a very interesting question: given that the Left claims that Republicans/conservatives constantly obstruct, by means both fair and foul, the paradise that Liberals want to give us, what is happening in states run entirely by the Left? Guess. Go ahead, guess. (Devastating 14-minute video at the bottom of the piece.)

"Low-Income Families Are Carrying the Enormous Costs of COVID Hysteria"

Bethany Mandel:

This has resulted in both kids getting tested for COVID at least once a month for the past year, she told me. A PCR test is free if you can wait three days to get it back, but then you miss three days of child care, plus there is the $25 dollar copay for the doctor visit. There's also the option of going to a 12 hour return PCR testing site, where you can pay $75 dollars for a test, which means the kids will only miss one day of preschool instead of three.

"We've spent $1,800 dollars over the course of the last 12 months on doctor visits and COVID tests," this mother told me.