"An OSHA Cover-Up Feeds Vaccine-Conspiracy Theories"
"What did Ancient Romans do without toilet paper?"

"The tax on unrealized capital gains"

Tyler Cowen asks some good questions about the rumored new proposal.

See also Stephen Green writing on Instapundit: "She [Nancy Pelosi] says it isn't a wealth tax and it will only hit the extremely wealthy so you know she's lying on both counts."


Op-ed in the Washington Post[!]: "Biden’s latest tax-the-rich scheme would be an unworkable and possibly unconstitutional mess".

Aswath Damodaran: "The Billionaire Tax: The Worst Tax Idea Ever?"

I am constantly amazed by the capacity of legislatures to write bad tax law, but this one takes the cake as perhaps the worst thought-through and most ineffective attempt ever, at rewriting tax code. 

"The Many Problems With Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains".

"Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains Is a Nutty Idea".

"Biden-Wyden Wealth Tax Would Break Campaign Pledge, Run Afoul of Constitution".