"Kids' perception of broccoli and cauliflower may be influenced by the bugs in their mouth"
"The Lab Leak Exposed"

"The Corruption of My Liberal Tribe"

This is impressive:

I have always been a liberal, left-leaning in my politics, a devout adherent to principles such as liberty, free speech, tolerance, compassion, and personal autonomy over my body—a fierce defender of “My Body, My Choice.”

I have always considered my liberal friends to be open-minded, critical thinkers, compassionate, tolerant, educated and resourceful enough to know where to look up alternative information, capable of interpreting data and discerning facts from blatant propaganda; defenders of free speech, liberty and bodily autonomy—all of which are obviously the foundational principles of liberalism.

Now, every one of those paradigms has been shattered for me.

Every single one.

I am now ashamed to call myself a liberal.