"Uh Huh"
"LA Times: Maybe we shouldn't follow California's example on electric cars"

"Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Jerusalem Demsas"

An in-depth discussion of a screamingly beautiful example of how the government Liberals think they want is not the government they actually get. Here's how it starts:

I care about what’s happening California a lot, because I’m from here. But it’s not just a problem here. This is a New York problem. Look at the difficulty both with housing affordability, but also — my God — how long it has taken to upgrade Penn Station over there. It is a Seattle problem. It is a Washington, D.C., problem. And it’s an American problem. And now, President Biden is building much of his agenda, much of his theory of the policy case, around building infrastructure. But it costs more to build things in America than in peer nations. It happens more slowly. And a lot of projects simply die in red tape and lawsuits.

On so many policy issues, the Democratic party’s pitch is simple. Elect Democrats, and they will use government to do big things. To build big things. To solve big problems. The weakness in that pitch, is that in the places where Democrats hold the most power, building is often really, really hard. And so, accomplishing the Democrats’ policy goals is really hard. And I think this is a problem within Democratic governance that liberals need to confront more squarely and try to be more curious about its causes.