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June 2021

"Friedman's smashing success"

Scott Sumner concisely explains why Friedman is so esteemed:

During the 1960s, Friedman rejected 4 key tenets of Keynesian economics. And within less than a decade, all four of his critiques were shown to be correct. . . .

In one important respect, Friedman’s achievement is even more amazing than what I have outline here.  In all four cases, Friedman’s claims were made at a time when they looked wrong.

"Unlawful assembly? Arrests in Northern Virginia school board meeting after parents erupt over CRT"

In case you missed it, in the early part of the time allotted for public comment, the school board in Loudoun Co., VA suddenly declared the meeting closed and asked police to forcibly remove commenters who wouldn't leave. Note to the school board: you want more Republican voters? This is how you get more Republican voters.

See also "Crazy scenes from Loudoun County school board meeting . . ."

Background on the yelling and screaming about schools in Loudoun County: "Parents Explain How Loudoun County Became Ground Zero in the Culture Wars".

Related: "Bucks County Pennsylvania Resident and Taxpayer Confronts The School Board".

"Fighting Back Against Evil"

John Hinderaker:

Critical Race Theory is perhaps the great evil of our time. It is racism, pure and simple. Its key precepts are: 1) The most important thing about a person is the color of his skin. 2) You have rights not as an individual, but as a member of a group. 3) People of the same race have the same or similar personality and character traits. John C. Calhoun was the Democratic Party’s leading theorist in 1830, and he remains the Democrats’ leading theorist today.

"This Claim of Market Failure Deserves No Credit"

Most of them deserve no credit for precisely the reason Donald Boudreaux states here

The answer is that in most cases the imperfections themselves invite their own improvement. To say that the market is operating imperfectly – to say that the market isn’t satisfying its participants as fully as possible – to say that the market is ‘failing’ is, in very many cases, to say that there exists opportunities to profit for those persons who correctly identify the problems and can figure out how to deal with them.