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Big American Cities, 2021

Yes, I know that conservative authors and publications have a big axe to grind when they observe big U.S. cities mostly governed by Democrats for decades. Yes, I know NYC and LA, among others, have been written off in the past only to be revived. But . . . this time may be different. (And yes, I know how often that forecast has been wrong in recent times.) Some sample readings, none of which I specifically looked for but that just popped up in my normal reading:

Portland, OR:

Terribly sad: "Downtown Portland: The Sequel".

San Francisco:

"Blighted San Francisco Diagnoses Its 'Perilous Trifecta' -- and Bungles the Cure".

"It’s Not Over: Rents in San Francisco Down 30%, in Silicon Valley Down 19%, both at Multi-Year Lows. But Inland Rents Spike".

"Is SF Finished As the Capital of Tech?".

California (but presumably LA and SF specifically):

"Turn On, Tune In, and Shoot Up—In Doorways".

New York City:

"Learn to live with filth, disorder and crime in de Blasio’s NYC".

"Elites and New York’s Future: Influential citizens rallied to the city’s rescue in the 1970s, but it’s not clear that we will see a repeat."

"Thanks to lefty leaders, New York celebrates all the worst vices".

"Will New York Come Back?"

And finally, the city formerly known as Minneapolis:

"One Year After George Floyd, Minneapolis Is 'Murderapolis' Again".