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"Do we have to age?"

I wish Andrew Steele all the luck in the world. He isn't subject to the Stockholm Syndrome some people have about death:

And what about death? At one point during our conversation, I ask Steele if he imagines a time when dying becomes a choice. He thinks the question is overblown. “Because death is inevitable people have rationalised it as something that drives life, or gives life meaning, or adds some sort of poetry to the human condition,” he says. “But I think, broadly speaking, death is bad. If there was less death in the world, I think most people would agree that was a good thing. And though my passion for treating ageing isn’t driven by reducing the amount of death, it’s driven by reducing ill health in later life, it’s driven by conquering disease, it’s driven by getting rid of suffering, if there’s less death as a side-effect? I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

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