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"California Is Making Liberals Squirm"

Noted political analyst Ezra Klein--no conservative--writing in the NY Times--no conservative publication--criticizes California's political rulers

Klein correctly identifies a serious problem. But he fails to notices that the problem stems from the Liberal worldview, one aspect of which is a huge overestimation of the net benefits of most laws. Prices too high or wages too low? Pass a law! Afraid of "monopolies"? Pass a law! Need to fix the environment? Pass a law! One problem with that: almost every major law can later be repurposed, often for the worse.

But some [outcome] reflect old processes and laws that interest groups or existing communities have perverted for their own ends. The California Environmental Quality Act wasn’t passed to stop mass transit — a fact California finally acknowledged when it recently passed legislation carving out exemptions.

For a further takedown of Klein's column see Kevin Williamson, "Ezra Klein Misapprehends California’s Problems".