"Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America"
"Giving Thanks for Price Theory"

"‘A managerial Mephistopheles’: inside the mind of Jeff Bezos"

So here's a self-identified socialist and a person with "moral principles," writing for the Lefty British paper The Guardian, struggling with a big problem. He believes Amazon to be the evil embodiment of the very evil capitalist system and that Jeff Bezos is obnoxiously--even obscenely--wealthy because of it. He thinks he shouldn't patronize Amazon one bit, not one tiny bit. But he can't help himself: Amazon is just too good.

Funny or sad: you decide. 

But here is where I encounter the problem of my own moral inertia. If a thing is available for purchase, and I want to buy it, I know for a near certainty that I will be able to get on Amazon, and that I will in all likelihood be able to get it quicker and cheaper than I would elsewhere. . . .

And here we come to the core of the problem: Amazon works too well. Its success and ubiquity as a consumer phenomenon makes a mockery of my ethical objections to its existence. 

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