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"SpaceX: BUSTED!!"

"A Global Leader in Obsolete Technology"

Long time readers of this blog know that I've linked to a few pieces that take shots at the incredibly expensive high-speed train planned for California. 

But this will probably be my last post about it because Randal O'Toole has done, using little space, a terrific job in slamming high-speed rail. Here's a taste:

High-speed trains, in particular, were rendered obsolete in 1958, when Boeing introduced the 707 jetliner, which was twice as fast as the fastest trains today.

But if you want more on the downsides of trains:

"The Streetcar Named Desire".

"Mass Transit, The Pandemic Petri Dish The Left Loves".

These three links courtesy of Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.

See also "California's ever-shrinking high-speed rail plan".