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November 2020

"What screams 'I'm from Portland, Oregon?'"

Quora discussion, with some that made me laugh.

Confused, distraught and annoyed when it’s time to pump your own gas. . . . EEK! Real talk, if you are from Portland, you have been spoiled and babied your whole adult gas pumping life. You will stand, or sit and wait for the gas attendant, that will never come to pump your gas.

You’re with the band. You’re in a band, were in a band, have managed or worked a bands merch table. You knew all the famous bands in town before they got famous, you probably even “dated” one of them. If you are from Portland you are probably claiming you have done one or all of these. Scene points, lots of scene points.

This, unfortunately, is also pretty Portland: "After defunding the police, Portland mayor attacks police for not arresting more rioters (that just get released anyway)".