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"No more stimulus needed: Time to get on with the new economy"

"New Factory pick up policy effective Oct 1"

The fun just never stops at Tesla:

I found out today that Tesla has a new mandatory "Express" option for pickups at the factory that went into effect October 1st. The delivery center will be completely unstaffed, exact quote: "There will be no one available to help with your delivery." In order for your vehicle to be moved into one of the pick-up slots, you must pre-pay on the website at least 24 hours in advance.

On the day of your delivery, you'll get a text sometime between 9am and 9pm telling you which parking spot your vehicle is in. When you get the text you accept delivery and proceed to the Factory. ("We require you to 'Accept Delivery' in your Tesla account after you have received your text notification"). By then the car is in your account, and you can use the app to unlock and drive away.

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