"What's Wrong with Social Science and How to Fix It: Reflections After Reading 2578 Papers"
"What Does It Take to Be Worth $500 Billion?"

"Why I Left the Left"

Apparently, one has seen the light. We need a lot more.

For most of my life, I was a member of the left. I voted for Democrats in every election. But around 2015, I started to change. (The left started to change as well.) I became much more skeptical of the left, especially its increasing embrace of woke ideas and its denial of elementary facts about human nature. Because I still clung to the fragments of my old political identity, and because I found Trump’s boorishness alienating, I voted for Hillary in 2016. She is almost certainly the last Democrat for whom I will ever vote. . . .

From listening to podcasts such as Econtalk with Russ Roberts, I began to understand the dangers of top-down solutions and intellectual arrogance, and about the importance of diffuse social knowledge, knowledge that is contained in social institutions but that we can’t necessarily articulate. The idea that if we just worked hard and elected the right people, we could solve long intractable problems became silly. The left appears to believe that almost every bad outcome is the result of a moral failure of society. Thus, if people are poor, then it is because our social system is immoral. And if people are in prison, it’s because our criminal-justice system is immoral. And so on.