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August 2020

"Medicine's Fundamentalists"

Excellent piece discussing the weaknesses of the "gold standard" of medical evidence, randomized control trials.

. . . as extraordinary an invention as the RCT is, RCTs are not superior in all situations, and are inferior in many. The assertion that “only the RCTs matter” is not the mainstream position in practice, and if it ever was, it is fading fast, because, increasingly, the limits of RCTs are being more clearly understood.

"The Crystal Ball of Antitrust Regulators Is Cracked"

Ain't this the truth.

But history provides us with some much-needed perspective on how fast things can change in the modern tech economy.

Rewind the clock 15 years, to 2005, and try to remember what you did when you wanted to rent a movie. Chances are that you would drive to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to get a physical DVD, or even a VHS tape. Today, that ritual seems antiquated and, in the midst of our current lockdown, even a bit dangerous. Yet, millions of people did it every week.