"How cultural revolutions die --- or not"
"CalPERS Plans to Blow Its Brains Out: Seeks to Increase Risk by Boosting Private Equity, Private Debt, and Leveraging the Entire Fund"

"In defense of America: ‘Not a failed experiment, but an always improving one’"

Amen to this.

Winston Churchill noted in 1947 that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those others that have been tried.” And what of the world’s oldest democracy, the United States of America? Still the worst country on earth — except for all of the others. 

I didn't know this about Denmark:

If you think there are ethnic and racial tensions in the US and wish we could be more like those happy little Nordic countries, consider that in Denmark, where the population is 87 percent Danish, a right-wing government has passed more than 100 laws targeting immigration including banning the burqa in 2018, confiscating cash and valuables from incoming refugees, officially designating 29 areas as “ghettos” and doubling penalties for crimes committed in those areas, as if to single out the immigrants and ethnic minorities who live there. Imagine President Trump designating Harlem a “ghetto” and proposing doubled prison sentences for crimes committed on 125th Street as opposed to 124th Street and you’re imagining something that has very little chance of being enacted. Yet this is the policy in Denmark.