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May 2020

"Art Pope’s Variety Wholesalers comes up Roses amid recent retail tumult"

A very nice story of a guy making an honest buck. A whole lot of bucks, actually. (Any resemblance to Amazon's strategy is purely coincidental, I'm sure.)

What’s noticeable about Roses, though, is how little it is changing. There is no e-commerce. No acquisitions since 2003. No newly constructed stores, only rehabs. No customer-loyalty program. Same CEO and same chief operating officer since 2006. The company headquarters is in the same downtown Henderson space where P.H. Rose opened his third store.

Moreover, the company’s strategy hasn’t changed (cheap, cheap, cheap!) enabling customers to “improve their lifestyles at a price they can afford,” Sawyer says. “If you focus on buying at the right price, controlling your costs and giving great value to your customer, you can be successful.”

UPDATE: Link added now.