"‘Infuriating’: Nikki Haley Unloads On Illinois Dems For Trying To Use Crisis To Fund Its ‘Corrupt’ Pension System"
"Protests show two Americas — those who lost their jobs and those still getting paid"

"Capitalism to the Rescue: The present crisis is a bracing reminder of the social value of free enterprise."

Some of us don't need a "reminder". Some of us do.

What has counted during the crisis is the ability of certain businesses to carry out their core functions at a very high level: the efficiency with which Amazon can deliver essential goods to our front doors; the ability of communications firms to give us socially distant social lives; and, above all else, the ingenuity of pharmaceutical companies searching for treatments, better testing, and a vaccine. In all these cases, the pursuit of shareholders’ best interests looks much less parasitic and much more aligned with society’s wider interests than it might have appeared before the crisis.

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