"What is the problem with Switzerland? This country seems like a perfect utopia (by the way high taxes and prices are not a problem because of higher salaries)?"
"Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'"

"Educated Fools: Why Democratic Leaders Still Misunderstand the Politics of Social Class"

A labor lawyer, writing in the New Republic no less, diagnoses a serious problem in the current Democratic Party. (The recommended response is dubious if not dopey. But the diagnosis deserves credit.)

The Democratic Party of the 1950s and 1960s was probably much more corrupt and inept than the Democratic Party of today—but back then it lived in the neighborhood, as it no longer does today. Now the Democratic Party relies on think tanks in elite universities to find out what people back in those neighborhoods are thinking. . . .

For this group, there is only one way to do it: Imitate us, the people who are the helicopter parents, whose parents were professionals, whose presidential candidates are Rhodes scholars or presidents of the Harvard Law Review. Can college for all solve the problems of this country? Well, it worked for us. Even some of the social Darwinians were subtler in rubbing it in. . . .

If a college education is the only way to survive in a global economy, then the party’s effective answer to anyone over 30 is: It’s too late for you. And of course, that message gets across.