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"Disappointing photos show what living in San Francisco on a tech salary really looks like"

"It costs $3,550 on average for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. That means when the average starting tech salary of $91,738 is taken into account, some techies are shelling out a good portion of their paycheck solely on rent."

For more on San Francisco today see Heather Knight in the San Francisco Chronicle, "The Castro’s shame: Addiction and mental illness devastate iconic SF neighborhood":

We headed to talk to Mat Schuster, owner of Canela Bistro on Market Street, who’d texted Mandelman’s staff that day in frustration. The night before, a panhandler outside the restaurant had gotten angry that nobody was giving him money and threw a patio chair at the restaurant’s front window — as diners sat in the window inside. The glass shattered, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

“The customer chatter was, ‘This is San Francisco now,’” Schuster said.

Which is the saddest thing I’ve heard in a while.