"Inequality and the French Pension Strikers"
"New 'Achilles Heel' for Blood Cancers Identified"

"New and Improved Economics? Don’t Believe It"

Donald Boudreaux has a complaint which I also have:

The presumption about which I complain is this: economic analysis is grounded in assumptions so flawed – and performed by eggheads so out of touch with reality – that economic science has been either of very little use to humanity or even a curse. But (the presumption continues) don’t despair! The Brilliant Economist who now offers this pioneering new book, or who teaches that radically new-style course, has discovered the Philosopher’s Stone for transforming base and sterile economics into a sure source of brilliant insight and guidance of a sort that the world has until now been denied.

Finally, all will be well with the world’s economies!